☛ Top speed 100km/h, up to 75km range

☛Powerful 72V,5000W Motor

☛4th Gen. Niu Energy Lithium Battery

☛14″ wheels, 180mm ground clearance

☛Classic design, customizable display faces

☛All-new smart features and blue-tooth keyless entry
The Commuting All-Star
The new MQi GT EVO is the best in its class – period. Featuring a large, solid frame, but with a relatively light weight of only 128kg, the 5000W motor powers the EVO to speeds of up to 100km/h, effortlessly competing with any 125cc moped on the market, petrol or electric. A customizable LED dashboard, 3 easy-to-switch riding modes, and brilliant lighting ensure that you can conquer any commute with ease.
Major Features:
☛ Top Speed                                   – 100km/H
☛ Range                                           – 75km
☛ Niu Energy Lithium Battery          – 4th Gen
☛ Charge Time                                – 5 hr
☛ Motor                                            – 5000w
☛ Length                                          -1949Mm
☛ Seat Height                                  – 816 Mm
☛ Payload                                       – 275 Kg
A Customizable Dashboard That’s Easy On The Eye
The smart LED dashboard displays everything you need-to-know in a glance – battery status, riding mode, speed connectivity, and more. Express your style and switch between three unique display faces.
With Three (3) riding modes, select the way you want to ride.
Eco Mode:
☛ Extend your range and save battery. Up to 45km/h.
Dynamic mode:
☛ Ideal for all day riding. 75km/h top speed.
Sport Mode:
☛Instant acceleration. 100km/h top speed
Iconic Lighting
Our 3rd generation iconic halo light offers wider, safer, and more efficient lighting. Equipped with daytime running lights and 360°illumination features, see or be seen both day and night.
Built for the most demanding commutes Take on any road with 14” inch wheels that offer improved grip and handling. Increased ground clearance ensures the MQi GT EVO can handle a variety of road conditions with ease, while a rugged, durable steel frame guarantees confidence and peace of mind.
☛14” Wheels
☛Front & Rear Dual disc Breaks
☛180mm Ground Clearance
☛Durable Build
Intelligent Breaking that keeps you safe & riding for longer.
Our Electronic Braking System (EBS) provides regenerative power that intelligently puts power back into the system when braking. The standard front and rear disc brakes provide an additional layer of riding safety, allowing you to stop when and where you need to.
A Ride for two. The MQi GT has been designed to be a comfortable ride for both rider and passenger. The MQi GT has a seat that is 30% longer than our NQi Series, built-in footrests, and an optional extended backrest for the passenger. The 275kg payload also makes transport ideal with optional cargo rack.
☛Enlarged seat for two.
☛275Kg Payload
☛Passenger back rest.
☛Passenger Handles
☛Passenger Foot rest
☛Cargo Rack
Smart Connectivity for the Smart Individual Keep your hands free – Bluetooth keyless entry means you can can just hop on and ride, no digging through your pockets or bag to find your keys.
☛Bluetooth Keyless Entry
☛Smart Electronic Steering Lock
☛Keyless Compartment unlocking
Your E-Moped in Your Hand The NIU App has a full suite of insights in the palm of your hand. With a few taps you can perform a quick status check or quickly locate your e-moped in real time. Download the app and use the demo version to learn more.
☛In-app unauthorized movement notifications.
☛Alerts sent directly to your phone.
☛Real-time location of your e-moped.
☛Trouble-shooting updates.