110km Extra Long Range

  • Great range on a single charge

80km/h Max Speed

  • Perfect city performance

All-New V36 ECU

  • Keyless start, keyless seat lock, and more!

Improved Ease of Use

  • Bright new TFT display, and new USB C charging port

Safer Than Ever

  • Dual disc brakes
  • EABS electronic brakes
  • 360-degree lighting

A Color to Suit You

  • There is a perfect color for you

Major Features

  • Top Speed              – 80km/h
  • Range                     – 110km
  • Peak Power            – 3500W
  • Max Torque            – 110 N.m
  • Conversion Rate    – 86%

Power On Demand

  • The 3500W motor provides instant acceleration that is perfect for urban commuting.

Smooth Acceleration

  • The finely tuned FOC controller ensures effortless acceleration and an incredible riding experience every time you hit the throtte.

110km Range To Power Your Daily Commute *

  • Equipped with the latest generation NIU Energy™ AI powered battery pack, our industry-leading cloud connected powertrain harnesses billions of kilometers of riding data to optimize your riding experience.

18650 Battery Cells

  • With higher energy density and discharge performance, the high-tech battery pack retains 85% capacity even after 1000 full charges and discharges.

High Efficiency Lithium-ion Battery Pack

  • The well-designed layout of the battery components and our self-developed BMS ensure the safety and efficiency of every single battery cell.

Uni-Body Aluminum Battery Case

  • The moulded aluminum battery case increases the heat dissipation by 98% and enforces protection of the components inside.
    • IPX7,Waterproof
    • 5Years Battery Life
    • 2Years Battery Warranty
    • 25 Battery Safeguards

Extend Your Adventure

  • The high-performance dual lithium-ion battery system can be removed and charged at any time. The extended range dual 60v35aH battery pack version provides enough power for a range of up to 110km.

Built For Your Confidence

  • From the external emoped panels to the internal frame, we invest in the best materials and technology for maximum safety and durability.
    • The classic NQi GTS internal frame is meticulously designed to ensure exceptional durability and safety for an unwavering riding experience.
    • The aluminum swingarm offers a lightweight and durable solution for an effortless riding experience, blending comfort, control, and efficiency.
    • The twin batteries are now both located in the footwell, which has resulted in a nearly perfect 50:50 weight distribution and significantly enhanced stability and control while riding. The relocation of the batteries has freed up the seat compartment, which can now be used to store your belongings.

Empowering your Smart Ride

  • As the brain of the NQi GTS, the newly upgraded V36 ECU comes with advanced features to amplify your electric journey.
    • Keyless StartRide without a key when paired with your smart phone via blue-tooth.
    • Side Stand Sensor
      To ensure safety while riding, the vehicle will sense when the side stand is down and prevent the vehicle from being ridden.
    • Keyless Seat Unlock
      Unlock your seat using the key or via the handlebar controller.

Stay Connected, Stay Informed

    • Smart Safety
      Get notifications whenever your vehicle is moved
    • Remote Control
      Lock/Unlock the vehicle and open the seat compartment using the app.
    • Family Account
      Share emoped information with your loved ones ensuring everyone stays in-sync
    • Vehical Informaton
      Check 17 vehicle information such as real time location, battery level, past routes etc on your app.

Your E-Moped in Your Hand

    • Smart Check
      Carry out real-time diagnostics with just one click
    • OTA 2.0
      Update the firmware automatically with Over-The-Air updates.

6.2 Inch Dynamic Color Display

  • With its bright colors & newly designed interfaces, the new display provides a modern & intuitive experience for a more enjoyable ride.

Safety On the GoPowerful breaking capabilities;

    • EABS Electric breaking system.
    • Front & Rear hydraulic disc brakes.
    • Enhanced anti-skid tires.

Improved Ease of Use

    • 20L Seat CompartmentSpace for your helmet, gym gear or even a spare battery
    • Intuitive Button LayoutEasy to learn and to use
    • Cruise ControlRide in comfort
    • USB A and USB C Charging PortThe versatile USB C offers faster charging and compatibility with a wide range of devices
    • 580mm Long SeatWith upgraded leather for your comfort
    • Adjustable Riding ModesWith E-save, Dynamic and Sport riding modes, choose your own riding style