Product And Services


Powerwin is one of the fastest growing infrastructures developing company in India focused on Electrification in HT/LT & EHV, Renewable & Non-renewable Energy Generation & Management, Road & Building construction.

Powerwin is already done various projects in different Govt. /Semi-Govt., Corporate, Industrial & Private organizations. 

Powerwin having highly qualified, technically sound & experienced team in all above mentioned area of working. We have dedicated team for HT/LT, EHV Electrification work, Renewable & Non-renewable Energy Generation & Management, Road & Building construction work etc.

The Technology arm of Powerwin will focus on developing innovative and customized IT enabled solutions for Project Design, Project Monitoring, Project Management and other Infrastructure related applications.

Powerwin plans to strengthen its business with the usage of cutting edge technologies that would enable us to meet delivery deadlines on time. Besides meticulous Project Planning, Design & Management, Powerwin for all its projects relies highly on advance state of art of technologies and solutions that have a significant impact on overall quality of the project.

Powerwin having tie-up or Joint Ventures with various re-known, highly experienced companies to co-up with the technologies where Powerwin find it valuable to provide all type of quality work with time bound project completion policy.



Powerwin offers comprehensive & competitive Electrical Engineering, Procurement and Construction services for small hydropower projects. Areas of expertise include:

      • Underground/surface power houses.
      • Electro-mechanical works



We have separate division for Power Transmission & Distribution offers comprehensive engineering and construction services for power transmission and distribution projects in the domestic and international markets. It is an established contractor of choice in the area of industrial project electrification, instrumentation, and control systems including communication projects.


Powerwin executes all types of power evacuation projects from concept to commissioning on EPC basis. The key focus areas of Powerwin were various from 11kV to 400 kV substations, an area in which the company has gained valuable expertise.

The comprehensive services cover following domains;

      • Complete design and layout of the substation / switchyard
      • Selection, procurement and timely delivery of equipment at site
      • Civil works and installation
      • Testing and commissioning

In addition, Powerwin also undertakes power quality improvement projects and offers electrical solutions like electrification, air-field and ground lighting system, high/low tension power distribution systems for airports.


Powerwin has been working in the area of power transmission for more than 5-years & offers end-to-end services from design and construction to commissioning of HT/LT & EHV power transmission lines.

Powerwin offers complete transmission line solution & has executed projects up to 400 kV EHV AC and HVDC and its offerings include Sourcing, Selection, Inspection and Supply of line materials including conductors, insulators, hardware, OPGW /EW, construction of transmission lines including foundation, tower Erection, Stringing, Testing and Commissioning.


Powerwin is a full–service specialty contractor operating primarily in the state of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka. We specialize in installing and maintaining both high and low voltage systems that are common in complex Industrial & Commercial facilities.

Powerwin Infra E&I Projects Division regularly employs several highly trained multi-skill electricians. Many of them possess specialized skills in areas such as PLCs, Distributed Control Systems, Instrumentation, Fiber Optics, and High Voltage Systems through 11 KV and above.

Industrial Maintenance & Construction Division (IMC):

IMC of Powerwin Infra is the multi–discipline contract maintenance division that provides clients with a total maintenance solution for their outsourced needs. Our systems and processes are designed to assist clients in lowering costs while increasing reliability at their process plants. 

We are proud to have average employees are more than 20 years’ experience in industry. Safety, Integrity, and Performance are our core values and the foundation of our company 

We are a leader in developing highly skilled craftsmen who work in the most complex operating plant environments. Our craft training and skills progression program enables us to continually develop the best and reward our employees for enhancing their skills. 

We pride ourselves in maintaining working relationships that result in repeat service. These relationships that date over many years are a testament to our culture of integrity and exceptional performance. 

Our focus on value in continually proven through a documented cost savings program that has produced over Million in Savings over a years. We routinely exceed customer satisfaction standards as proven in our customer service indices. 

Our ability to estimate, schedule, and manage enables us to routinely deliver beyond customer expectations. Powerwin Infra is more than a traditional electrical contractor. We manage projects in a manner unparalleled for a specialty contractor.

We at Powerwin having separate IMC division and the maintaining below mentioned activities in various companies.

  • High voltage systems – 11 kv and above
  • Underground duct banks
  • Switchgear and substations
  • Transformers
  • Raceways, Conduit and cable tray
  • High voltage terminations
  • Medium and low voltage – 440V and down
  • Power and control wiring
  • DCS and PLC Instrumentation
  • Break panels
  • Cable Terminations
  • Electrical tracing
  • Security & Fire alarm systems
  • Communication systems
  • Turnstiles
  • Card readers
  • AV systems
  • Lighting

Nature of Electrical Maintenance Services: –

  • Troubleshooting, Repairing, and Rebuilding, including servo motor repair
  • Preventative and Predictive Maintenance
  • Diagnostic services to industrials plants, steel and paper mills, power plants, utilities, and institutional and commercial buildings
  • Servicing rotating electrical and mechanical equipment, Transformers, Pumps, Switchgear, Drives, and Electronics
  • Laser Alignment
  • Vibration Analysis and Online Monitoring
  • Thermography / Infra-Red Scanning Services
  • Circuit-Breaker Testing
  • Field Rewinding
  • Ultrasound Leak Detection
  • Oil Analysis & Testing
  • Crane Inspection
  • Loading analysis
  • Lighting maintenance
  • Energy conservation
  • Emergency services.


Our HVACR technocrats are having more than 2 decade hands on experience on Project Execution, commissioning & Trouble shooting of HVACR plants. We are a total solution provider of MEP, some of our core strength.
Project Execution & Commissioned of Air cooled & Water cooled Chillers
  • Erected, more than 1000+ chillers ranging from 50 TR to 500 TR in different locations.
  • Commissioned different Brand chillers.
  • Executed low side equipment like AHU, FCU, Piping & Electrical etc.
  • Erected Low side Ducting and air distribution more than 10 lack sqft.
  • Executed the project of interconnecting different brand chillers of capacity 2000TR.
Trouble shooting of Screw & Centrifugal chillers of Any Brand
  • PMS of chiller packages to reduce the down time of the chiller.
  • De. Scaling of the water cooled condensers with safe chemicals.
  • Periodic Energy Audit to improve the system efficiency.
  • Air balancing and uniform air distribution.
  • Maintain log book to monitor the chiller package.
  • AMC & CAMC of total chiller packages (brand is neutral).

Retrofitting of Existing chillers like

  • Changing of Compressors from Reciprocating to Screw.
  • Incorporating De-super heater to generate hot water.
  • Up grading of Microprocessor controllers.
  • Incorporation of BMS connectivity.
  • Changing of Damaged vessels with onsite solutions.
  • Acoustic enclose to reduce the dB level of Package, with minimum modifications.
  • Conversion of HCFC gas to HFC gas and upgrade the system.
  • Changing of insulation material from Polyurethane to Nitrile Rubber form for reduce the energy loss.
  • Incorporate electrical starters from DOL to SOFT or VFD etc.
  • Incorporate adiabatic cooling to air cooled chillers to reduce the energy Consumption.