Realizing the tremendous potential of Solar Energy, EAGLE is harnessing this non-conventional resource to promote green energy. EAGLE capability spectrum covers development of economically viable and technically superior solutions in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of Solar Energy Projects by partnering with core solar technology providers. EAGLE competencies encompass all the key elements in the solar value chain covering concentrated solar power and solar photovoltaic technologies.

EAGLE, an established leader in power generation, transmission and distribution is now playing a crucial role in the power requirements of the nation by bringing Solar Energy to the forefront to help India address the twin challenges of energy security and combating global warming and climate change.

EAGLE has wide experience and renown in Solar infrastructure projects viz.  Grid Tie Ground Mounted Solar Power Plants, Rooftop Solar Plants and also execute lots of projects in Solar Rural Electrification, Solar Home Systems, Solar Farms, Solar Parks etc.

  • Registered Channel Partner in MNRE (Ministry of New & Renewable Energy).
  • Successful commissioning of more than 100 MW Solar Power Project.
  • Expertise in Govt Liaison.
  • Record completion of Solar Projects in short time
  • Partnership with International suppliers for High quality Solar PV panels and Grid Tie Invertors.
  • More than 15 years of exp. in solar field.

EAGLE intends to develop and market Solar products, based on mono/multi crystalline solar cells. These products will be used, for Off-Grid, Hybrid and Grid Tie SPV power plants and in energy-efficient buildings (aiming at zero emission buildings), solar street and home lighting and solar water pumps.

EAGLE-Vision is to “Manufacture Solar products of the International Quality to compete and explore the growing needs of Solar Market worldwide.” We will enjoy command of the market with a predominant sales presence and a complex portfolio of the products and brands of renowned quality. We wish to promote the generation and diffusion of knowledge in commercial, technologies and administrative areas. We will select and train our personals and associates in order to attend the required goal. We will offer them very best opportunities for development

  1. Solar Power Plant
    • Grid connected system
    • Stand Alone Off Grid Systems
  2. Solar Street Lights
    • LED Street Light
    • CFL Street Light
  3. Solar Village Electrification
    • Solar Water Pump
    • Solar Lighting Systems
    • Solar Lantern